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Let Your Customers Do More With Their Domain Names!

Whether they blog, showcase work online, or want a personalized email, your customers can connect and use the domain names they buy in just a few easy clicks.


Customers can quickly register, transfer, or select an existing domain name from their account.


In two or three clicks, your customers can choose from a growing selection of popular web apps to connect their domain and distinguish themselves online.

Supported Web Apps at Hexonet


Become a Better Resource for your Customers


Superior DNS Service is the standard at HEXONET

A strong and reliable DNS is essential for running a successful reseller business. At HEXONET, we’re heavily invested in creating a global DNS infrastructure that works fast across the globe. It’s built and maintained by the same people who have kept the CNIC registry up and running for the past 25 years. The best part? It comes standard with every domain you buy through HEXONET at no extra cost, putting money back in your pocket and letting you spend time where it matters most, with your customers.


Our redundant infrastructure, composed of 13 nodes in 5 continents with multiple servers across 3 separate clouds, protects you and your customers against cybersecurity threats such as DDoS attacks.


Our DNS Anycast service provides a more stable and reliable DNS experience from all over the world. Whether you’re in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, or anywhere off the beaten path, you can count on our DNS to work fast.


Every domain registered with HEXONET gets immediate access to one of the best DNS networks on the market, this impressive service is included with every domain.

Level the Competition with HEXONET’s Advanced DNS

HEXONET's advanced DNS enables you to compete effectively, even with the largest Registrars and Hosting companies out there. Here's what you can expect with HEXONET's DNS:

  • Worldwide coverage with stable and fast resolution times
  • Additional security enabled by DNSSEC, no need to be concerned with domain spoofing
  • Increased profits as our advanced DNS comes standard with every domain registered through HEXONET
  • Reduction in liabilities while significantly improving the quality of the service offered to your customers
  • Get a superior DNS experience for all customers, better than many of the services our competitors charge big money for

Stop wasting your time and money with lacklustre DNS services. HEXONET’s advanced DNS is the edge you need in today’s competitive domain marketplace.

A Solid DNS Foundation for Your Domain Business

DNS is a core piece of domain management services, yet it's also easily neglected and overlooked. Many companies rely on old unicast-based systems: obsolete, slow, unreliable, and easy prey for external attackers. In many cases, this risk only becomes apparent when a hardware failure or an external attack quickly brings down the entire infrastructure - causing serious financial losses and likely hard to repair reputation damage.

With HEXONET as your domain partner, you have the opportunity to consolidate all your domains on our Anycast network at a fraction of the cost and effort it would take to upgrade your existing infrastructure. Our superior DNS service is included at no extra cost with any domain registered via HEXONET. Additionally, get access to our DNS for other domains you manage through other Registrars or directly with the Registry for a small fee.

Sign up as a HEXONET Reseller today, and discover how you and your customers can enjoy the benefit of a solid, fast modern DNS service without any headache. Set-up is quick and easy via the Control Panel or API. Plus, HEXONET’s low resell prices will help you maximize your profit margin. You'll wonder why you didn't switch sooner!

Using our White-label DNS service, bring the benefits of our advanced DNS service straight to your customers. They’ll enjoy fast response times and improved website performance, crucial factors for any e-commerce or online business.

We think DNS service should be better, don’t you?

Offer Website Building Services

Easily increase your revenue and help your customers get online fast with the Weebly Website Builder. A website builder is one of the most valuable and sought after add-on services for any domain business.

With our flexible pricing, an array of plans, and the option to cancel at anytime, we have everything you need to start offering one of the world's most trusted website building platforms.

Additional Revenue

Cheap and flexible pricing packages enable you to maximize your profit margins and get the competitive edge.

Increased Renewals

This valuable add-on feature will have your domain customers building websites. An active website greatly increases the renewal of a domain!

Simple Setup

Easily integrate the website builder into any infra-structure via Control Panel or API. Build, host and manage websites at scale.

With no minimum monthly requirements, let Hexonet take on the larger overhead while you stay focused on building your business

Choosing the Weebly Website Builder from Hexonet will help you offer services your customers can't get elsewhere, including:

A free website for any domain, no third party branding subdomain requirements

Manage their domains and websites all on a single interface

Unlimited number of websites per account, no pesky limits!

Benefits and Features

Aside from giving your customers the opportunity to build beautiful and responsive websites, with hundreds of ways to customize their content, hosting is 100% included in all plans.

Need more reasons to choose the Hexonet Weebly Website Builder?
Check out these great benefits:

  • One all-inclusive price that offers free hosting and a free SSL certificate for each website
  • Pair the Weebly Website Builder with the over 730 TLDs available at Hexonet
  • Add your branding to the service to make it a smooth experience for your customers
  • Use the simple workflow to manage your customers' domains and websites
  • The Website Builder is available in 15 languages to support your customers worldwide
  • Take advantage of our excellent support team for all your integration needs!

Anyone can create a website with Weebly

Whether a simple personal blog or an enterprise level e-commerce site, the Weebly Website Builder has the right tools for all your customers.

Set your customer up for success while you increase your sales!

Contact Us

To learn more and access our Reseller FAQ page, click here

Protect High-Value Domain Names With Hexonet's Registry Lock

With a massive and competitive list of qualifying TLDs at Hexonet, help your customers protect their valued digital assets by offering Registry Lock services.

Key Benefits

Prevent domain hijacking

Registry Lock prevents unauthorized changes or deletions of a domain name, helping to protect high-value domain names from being affected by fraud.

Additional protection

Registry Lock offers server level protection at the registry, providing additional security measures and increases the security of client level protection.

Secure communication

Enable end-to-end domain transaction security. Only an authorized and verified individual at Hexonet, acting on your instruction of the registrant, can make changes to a locked domain name.

Hexonet gives you access to over 50 TLDs available for Registry Lock while other registrars often offer less than 5 TLDs.

Get ahead with Hexonet

Registry Lock is a necessary security measure for anyone that values their domains

In addition, the following list covers some prime qualifiers to seek out this service:

  • Domain names that are of high value to the customer, or names that would cause financial or other kinds of strain to the customer if hijacked or stolen
  • Domain names that are of high value to the public and have a high risk of attempted hijacking, such as:
    • Government websites
    • Websites of banks or other financial institutions
    • Websites of corporations or large enterprises
    • Websites of educational institutions (including colleges, universities, and other learning environments)
  • Trademark holders
  • E-commerce websites

Great Revenue Opportunity For Resellers

A Registry Lock is a necessity for all your clients' high-valued domain names

Not only will your customers be able to protect their domain names against fraud and accidental changes, you will also be able to charge a fee for the administration of the Registry Lock service.

Increase your profits with this protection service!

How it works

Authorizing Registry Lock puts a freeze on all changes and updates to a particular domain. Only an authorized individual from Hexonet will be able to make changes to your locked domains. This individual will have been pre-authorized by the registry operator to be able to make the appropriate changes. Unauthorized individuals will be unable to make changes to your domain, preventing unapproved changes, internal errror or fraud.

Supported Registries and TLDs

We support a wide variety of TLDs across several registries. View the full list below.

Contact our Sales Team to see how our competitive pricing sets you up for success.


I want to enable, modify or delete Registry Lock for my domain(s). What is the process?

In order to enable Registry Lock, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the API Access that can be found on your dashboard or in the user menu.

  2. Set up an API command based on your desired result:

    Command to add a Registry Lock: AddDomainRegistryLock

    Command to modify a Registry Lock: ModifyDomainRegistryLock

    Command to delete a Registry Lock: DeleteDomainRegistryLock

  3. The API command triggers an email sent to the Support team who will respond to your request within 24 hours on working days. Please note, that the Support team may contact you for further clarification regarding your request (for example: what changes to apply to the Registry Lock).

  4. Congratulations! Your domain is now secured with Registry Lock! To make any updates, or to delete a Registry Lock, please follow steps 1 through 3 above.

Contact [email protected] if you require any assistance with setting up your Registry Lock. We're here to help!

How do I know which domains have a Registry Lock on them?

In order to know which of your domains have Registry Lock on them, please refer to your monthly invoice statement from Hexonet, where you will find all the billing entries that state you are being charged for Registry Lock. The domain name related to the charge will show up on the invoice.

Do I have to renew Registry Lock?

No. Registry Lock automatically renews. If you would like to cancel your Registry Lock, please refer to question 1 on this FAQ page.

Protect Your Domains