Welcome to a new month! We're excited to announce two big TLD launches this month, .CONTACT & .GAY.
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Welcome to a new month! We're excited to announce two big TLD launches this month, .CONTACT & .GAY.

Read on for domain news and new domain blogs by our team. Enjoy!


We're excited to announce a new TLD being welcomed to the domain family! .CONTACT is being launched by Donuts Registry and is a great solution for brands and companies to succinctly display their contact options right in the URL.

.CONTACT Launch Schedule

Sunrise : September 29, 2020 16:00 UTC - November 28, 2020 15:59 UTC
EAP: December 2, 2020 16:00 UTC - December 9, 2020 15:59 UTC
General Availability (GA): December 9, 2020 16:00 UTC

Pricing details are available in your account.

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GAY TLD Currently in General Availability!

This iconic TLD has entered General Availability and is available for all to register! A .GAY domain helps everyone, whether small business, global organization, or individual ally, express their support and celebration of LGBTQ+ communities. The .GAY registry, Top Level Design, is donating 20% of the revenue from every new domain registered to benefit LGBTQ+ organizations.

From . BLOG to .XYZ, make sure to check out all of our current promotions with over 195 TLDs on sale!*

*No new promotion launches this month.

Backorder Price Increase for Afilias TLDs
September 10, 2020

Due to a price change at the registry level, the following is an update for pricing on the below Afilias TLDs. As of September 10, 2020, the following Afilias TLDs have increased backorder pricing. Any backorders that complete after this date and time will be charged the new backorder price. You can view all updated pricing details in your account as well as a list of any backorders you may currently have.

Included TLDs in the price change:



If you have any questions regarding the upcoming changes, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Price Increase for .NZ
October 1, 2020

The InternetNZ registry is increasing the price for .NZ and its third-level domains effective October 1, 2020.

This price increase will apply to existing domains, new registrations, renewals, and transfers from the effective date.

  • Reseller Price Class: Increasing from $39.03* (net price: $32.80) to $42.60* (net price: $35.80) NZD/Domain/Year
  • Premium Price Class: Increasing from $33.68* (net price: $28.30) to $37.25* (net price: $31.30) NZD/Domain/Year
  • Platinum Price Class: Increasing from $24.99* (net price: $21.00) to $28.56* (net price: $24.00) NZD/Domain/Year

Please note that the restore fee will remain unchanged at $40.00 NZD.

Customers that have existing .NZ and third-level domain registrations should consider renewing prior to this increase.

Renewal Price Changes for .BLOG Premium Domain
October 7, 2020

Starting on October 7, 2020, all .BLOG premium domains will renew at the standard price. This price change will apply to existing domains, new registrations, renewals, and transfers from the effective date.

.SHOP is Releasing New Premium Domains
October 14, 2020

.SHOP registry is adding over 4,800 premium domain names for .SHOP on October 14, 2020. The domains will be assigned to existing premium pricing tiers. Please contact our sales team at [email protected] if you are interested in viewing the list of released domains.

EPP Schema Update
November 21, 2020
We would like to inform you that we will be updating our EPP schema validation. There is no action required from you at this time. The new version will be available for testing in OTE from October 15, 2020 until November 21, 2020, when we switch the Validation in our live system.

To minimize the impact on our customers, we have ensured to keep the changes and updates minimal. The following change will be made during the EPP schema validation update:

The error details provided in the <reason> element in case of a failed syntax validation.

Our new XML validation will work the same way as the current validation meaning that invalid XML will be identified and rejected. Please note that only error responses related to a failed schema validation will be changing. Successful responses and all other error responses will remain unchanged.

After the update on November 21, 2020, the new validator will return the same result code, 2001, in case of EPP commands with an invalid syntax. <msg> will remain as "Command syntax error" and the text for <reason> will start with "XML Parser: ". This prefix will be followed by a detailed message explaining the syntax error(s), which will look different from the current format.

Brexit Updated for .EU
January 1, 2021
EURid has released an updated timeline for .EU domain names in response to Brexit. The registry will contact UK-based .EU registrants on October 1, 2020, asking registrants to demonstrate their eligibility based on citizenship in a remaining EU member state by December 31, 2020. On January 1, 2021, any UK-based registrants who have not demonstrated eligibility will have their domain name "withdrawn".

Customer Service Holiday Coverage

Our Canadian office will be closed on Monday, October 12th for Canadian Thanksgiving during our regular hours between 16:00 UTC to 2:00 UTC. The office will reopen on Tuesday, October 13th at 16:00 UTC. All customer service requests will be handled by our German office during this time.

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