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Businesses today rely on the Internet for sales, marketing, communications, and a myriad of other required services for optimal growth.  And though many use .COM as their primary domain, the need for other domain extensions have surfaced, especially .BIZ.

Good Credible Domain Names Still Available:

For many years now, finding a relevant .COM domain name for business has been extremely difficult.  With just over two (2) million registered .BIZ domain names, a .BIZ domain provides the perfect balance of both relevance and name availability.  This is because there are many good names remaining and the fact that the .BIZ TLD has long established itself as a credible TLD to own.  The Registry has been around since 2001 and is today the 10th largest registry worldwide.

Clarity of Purpose:

Being efficient and direct are keys to business success.  And with a .BIZ domain name people distinctly and expressly know the usage and/or content associated with the respective .BIZ domain is specifically for business purposes.  Visitors and users to a .BIZ domain name are there with purpose and is a great way to filter serious inquiries verses just lookie-loos.

Quick Facts About .BIZ:

If you are interested in registering large volumes of .BIZ Domains or you would like to migrate your .BIZ Domains to HEXONET, please contact [email protected] and allow us to make you an offer.