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HEXONET Sponsoring DOMAINFest Asia, Macau

Established in 2006, DOMAINFest is a leading conference series dedicated to the domain name industry. This summer, DOMAINFest is heading to Asia and will be held in Macau, China, September 4-7, 2015.

The Chinese domain marketplace is exploding. DOMAINFest co-founder Jothan Frakes said, “Many are looking to Asia as a market of robust growth and innovation. Macau is the perfect Asian location for the DOMAINFest caravan. Providing a great experience for regional industry players is central to the DOMAINfest mission, and Macau is easy to access for our many friends in the China region, the Indian subcontinent, Japan, Korea, and south-east Asia."

The conference will be jointly organized by DOMAINFest,  DotAsia Organisation (the operator of the .ASIA registry) and China-specialist strategic communications agency, Allegravita.  The Internet Society of China is a supporter of this event.

DOMAINFest Asia will be a great opportunity for learning and for networking. HEXONET is a proud sponsor. If you are interested in meeting with us, please contact: [email protected]

For conference details:  http://domainfest.asia


THE Domain Conference:  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

THE Domain Conference, September 26-29, is being run by Howard Neu, his wife Barbara and son Ray.  Howard along with “Domain King” Rick Schwartz are the founders of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference that have been a great success for the past decade.  

 THE Domain Conference has announced that DOMAINfest will be held in conjunction with its event starting Sunday, September 27th. There will be excellent content sessions and networking opportunities. And if you are interested in meeting with us, please contact: [email protected]

For more details:  www.thedomainconference.com


ICANN54:  Dublin, Ireland

HEXONET will be attending ICANN's next meeting in Dublin, October 18-22. For more details: https://meetings.icann.org/en/dublin54