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.PRO Surpassed 100,000 Domains - For Professionals

February 3rd, 2011, the .PRO Registry announced that it had surpassed 100,000 registered domains. Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals are using .PRO domains to offer their clients a secure and trusted way of providing and communicating important information. 

Professionals can now register second-level names directly like smith.PRO.  Additionally, the easily identifiable and brandable third-level .PRO names are still available - .law.PRO, .jur.PRO, .bar.PRO, .med.PRO, .cpa.PRO, .aca.PRO or .eng.PRO.

HEXONET would like to congratulate the .PRO registry for surpassing this important milestone!


.CO - Multiyear Registrations Now Available

Starting today, registration of .CO domains (incl. Third-level .CO Domains) can be for 1 - 5 years in length. 


Price Reduction on .AC / .IO & .SH Domains

HEXONET is pleased to announce a price reduction for .AC, .IO and .SH.  These price reductions are already in effect.

The reduced annual prices for .AC/.IO and .SH are as follows:


IMPORTANT - Changes from TWNIC Registration Policy

Effective immediately, all new registrations of .ORG.TW domains can only be registered by qualified Taiwanese organizations. Please be advised that to successfully register an .ORG.TW domains the following two criteria are now required:

1) The country code in the registrant’s address must be “TW”

2) The contact object must include  a Taiwanese issued “Unified Business Number”

Policy Detail

The Unified Business Number in the registrant contact object must be provided when creating a new contact, or modifying an existing one.  This number must be included in the Organization field:

<Unified Business Number>::<Organization Name>

Please Note:

These changes only apply to registrant contacts of NEW .ORG.TW domain names. Therefore, the unified business number is not required for other TW subdomains.  Also, pre-existing ORG.TW domains are not affected by this policy unless the Registrant Contact is changed or modified.  If making such changes to a pre-existing .ORG.TW domain, then an Unified Business Number must be provided. Renew and Transfer commands are not affected. 

Foreign Non-profit Organizations

Foreign non-profit organizations who do not have a Unified Business Number, but still wish to register a .ORG.TW domain, must first submit documents supporting their application.  Such applications are handled by TWNIC on a case-by-case basis and processed manually. The following documents are required by foreign non-profit organizations:

(1) Documents supporting the applicant’s due registration under its national, state or federal laws.

(2) Written statements describing the objectives and reasons for registering the related domain name.

The statements may be written in English or Chinese.  There is no restriction on the number of pages for the statements.  Documents can be submitted via [email protected]