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Dear Customer/Reseller,

In December of 2012, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) mandated a new policy for Registrars called the Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP). The new ERRP policy not only requires registrars and resellers to understand its details, but also requires registrars and resellers to take action to fully comply with the regulation. MOST IMPORTANTLY, HEXONET IS OBLIGATED TO CHANGE ITS TERMS OF USE, since its ICANN Accredited Registrar, 1API, IS ALSO CHANGING its terms of use to be inline with the new ERRP policy, which all goes into effect August 31, 2013.

ERRP Requirements:

1. Communication with every Registrant of a domain before and after a domain name's expiration date is now mandatory

a. Communicate with every Registrant of a domain, approximately one month and one week, before it expires (Pre-Expiry notices).
b. Communicate with every Registrant of a domain within five days of its expiration (Post-Expiry notice).

Compliance Made Easy. Both Pre-Expiry and Post-Expiry notices must be sent out by the Registrar of Record. Reseller can provide the "From" email address to brand these emails.

i. Provide HEXONET with a "From" email address and all notices for domains in the Reseller's account will only see the Reseller's email address (functionality to be available shortly)

ii. Where no Reseller "From" email address is provided, a default generic email address will be used

2. Clearly display and provide Registrants information on the Reseller's web site about the notices above and how those notices will be delivered.

Compliance Made Easy. Add similar wording, with proper URLs, in the Reseller's own Terms of Us

i. Renewal Notices. Approximately one month prior to the expiration date of a domain name, the registrant will be emailed an expiration notice sent to the registrant's email address. Subsequently, approximately one week prior to the expiration date of a domain name, a second notice will be emailed to the registrant's email address. And if a domain is not renewed, within five (5) days of a domain name's expiration date, the registrant will be emailed a third notice stating the domain name has expired.

ii. Renewal and Restore Fees. The fees associated with renewing gTLDs are located on the Reseller's website at URL: <<http://myresellersite.com/fees>>

3. Clearly display and provide Registrants renewal pricing, restore pricing (Renewal Grace Period (RGP)) fees and how to access renewal/restore information

Compliance Made Easy. Display renewal and restore pricing on the Reseller's website and in Reseller's registration agreement

i. Clearly displayed fees on Reseller's website and a link to these fees must be included in the Reseller's registration agreements (add a link to Reseller's Terms of Use)

HEXONET's Terms of Use Modifications Summary:

The following summary below is not the full and final wording of the Terms of Use modifications that will go into effective August 31, 2013. The summary is only to provide the reseller a preview of the intent and nature of the coming changes. The final Terms of Use changes will be available in a subsequent notice.

1. Finalization and Accounting Period Change. On September 1, 2013, the Finalization and Account Period are changing for all gTLDs (.COM, .NET, etc.).

a. Finalization Period is changing from +44 days to +1 day (billed and paid domain renewals are finalized 1 day after their expiration date; domains deleted after the finalization date cannot be refunded)

b. Accounting Period is changing from 0 to -5 days for all gTLDs expiring after September 1, 2013 (meaning billing for auto-renewals are processed 5 days prior to their expiration date)

2. Right to Stop Domain Name Resolution, Change Nameservers, or Change WHOIS Contact Information. Immediately following the expiration date and before the deletion of a domain name, HEXONET at its sole discretion may stop resolution of a domain, change the nameservers and/or change the WHOIS contact information, unless the domain is renewed, in which case the domain name's prior nameserver and/or WHOIS contact information will be restored and the domain name will be updated to resolve again.

3. No Obligation to Offer Redemption Grace Period. The "RGP" or Redemption Grace Period, typically starting between 30 days and 44 days after the expiration date of domain, is now only offered at HEXONET's sole discretion.

In summary, the new terms will be effective August 31, 2013, and all HEXONET resellers will need to be in compliance. Resellers at a minimum need to review the new Terms of Use and update their websites with the provided legal text. Lastly, if Resellers want to their own branded email address for these notices going out to your customers, HEXONET will soon provide fields in the Control Panel to configure this setting.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact [email protected].

Best Regards,

Your Team @ HEXONET.net