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Important Changes to AdamsNames TLDs - .GD, .TC and .VG

As announced in a previous newsletter, AdamsNames, the registry operator for .GD, .TC and .VG, recently made some major changes to these TLDs.

1. New Registry Features

2. Price Increases

The Registry increased prices, as well as, started charging in USD (change of base currency) instead of GBP.  As a result, HEXONET unfortunately also adjusted prices as follows:

.TC - New Prices

.GD - New Prices

.VG - New Prices

3. New .TC Registrations Temporarily Suspended

The Registry has suspended new .TC domain registrations until further notice.  The suspension is anticipated to end sometime in October of this year.  HEXONET will continue to monitor this suspension and provide timely updates on the situation. 

4. One and Two Character .TC Domains are Now Premium Domains (PREMIUM PRICING):

As complete surprise to HEXONET, AdamsNames now classifies all one (1) and two (2) character .TC domains as PREMIUM DOMAINS.  This also includes all currently registered one (1) and two (2) character .TC domains!  As a result, all new registrations and renewals of one (1) and two (2) character .TC domains going forward must pay the following PREMIUM PRICES:

RESELLER Price Class:

PREMIUM Price Class:

PALTINUM Price Class:


One-Time Setup Fee for New .CN Domains

As many of you know, the procedures for registering .CN domains has recently changed.  CNNIC is once again allowing registrations by international organizations and individuals.  The registration process and control mechanisms though require multiple manual steps on the part of the registrar.  Unfortunately, to offset the cost of these time consuming manual processes, HEXONET is instituting a one-time setup fee on all new .CN domain registrations.

Please review for exact details on procedures and documentation for registering a .CN domain.  Please send questions to [email protected].


Change of Currency for .PE Domains

Starting September 1, 2012 at 10:00 UTC, .PE domains will no longer be charged in USD but will be charged in PEN - the local currency in Peru.  As such the pricing for .PE domains will change as follows:

.PE, com.PE, net.PE, nom.PE and org.PE:

* The GROSS price includes Germany's 19% VAT; many resellers pay the lower NET price without VAT.