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HEXONET is adding another 27 more NewTLDs to our existing 189 EOIs, for a total of 216 NewTLDs!  The following additional newTLDs will get enabled on December 1, 2012 at 10:00 UTC.

Additional Generic newTLDs: 

.Adult, .Beauty, .Finance, .Financial, .Fund, .Investments, .Moe

Additional Generic newTLDs (.IDNs): 

.москва (.Moscow in Russian), . орг (.ORG in Russian), ابوظبي  (.Abu Dhabi), شبكة  (.Network), بازار (.Market), كوم (.COM), موقع (.SITE), कॉम (.COM in Hindi), नेट (.NET in Hindi), संगठन (.Organization in Hindi), コム (.COM in Japanese), 企业 (.Enterprise in Chinese), 信息 (.Information in Chinese), 在线 (.Online in Chinese), 新闻 (.News in Chinese), 游戏 (.Game in Chinese), 移动 (Mobile in Chinese), 网站 (.Website in Chinese), 网店 (.Shop in Chinese), 닷넷 (.NET in Korean)

For other .IDN NewTLDs that are currently not supported by HEXONET's EOI, please contact us at [email protected].

Which NewTLDs are Popular:

This valuable information is shared to allow our resellers to better prepare your own marketing resources and plans accordingly.  Stay tuned for NewTLD progress reports in the coming months!

Top New generic TLDs at HEXONET:      
 Top New Geo TLDs at HEXONET:
  1. .WEB
  2. .SHOP
  3. .STORE
  4. .SITE
  5. .ONLINE
  6. .HOTEL
  7. .NEW
  8. .ONE
  9. .LOVE
  10. .SALE
  1. .BERLIN
  3. .BAYERN
  4. .LONDON
  5. .AFRICA
  6. .PARIS
  7. .NRW
  9. .NYC
  10. .TIROL