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HEXONET Adds Four (4) Additional TLDs to Backorders

With the addition of these four new TLDs, resellers can now backorder 17 different types of domains from one source and can increase their revenue.  HEXONET has one of the widest selections of backorder TLDs anywhere.  

.CA - Canada:

.NU - Niue:

.CH - Switzerland

.LI - Liechtenstein

* The GROSS price includes Germany's 19% VAT; many resellers pay the lower NET price without VAT.

Please note that EXPIRING DOMAIN LISTS are only available for .CA and .NU domains. The .CH and .LI registry does not make their DELETING DOMAINS public; however, .CH or .LI backorders can still be made via the Control Panel or API.


Delayed: Backorder Documentation will be available on Tuesday July 5, 2011:

In the event you have any questions or concerns related to the API documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]