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Effective immediately, new and drastic registration regulations have been instituted by CNNIC, the official registry of .CN. Please note that these changes also effects NeuStar Registry Services, who handles all "international accredited registrars".

Here is the official announcement from CNNIC:

The Notification about further enhancement of auditing domain name registration information

In order to further enhance the authenticity, accuracy, and integrability of the domain name registration information, now notify as following:

  1. Domain name applicants need to submit the formal paper based application material when making the online application to the registrar. The application material includes the original application form with business seal, company business license (photocopy), and registrant ID (photocopy).
  2. Registrar should carefully review the application material. When application is deemed qualified, registrar need to submit the application material via fax or E-mail to CNNIC, and withhold the original application material.
  3. From the day of the submission of online application, if CNNIC does not receive the formal paper based application material within 5 days or the application material auditing is not qualified, the domain name to be applied will be deleted.

How does this announcement affect HEXONET Customers?

Starting immediately resellers are required to provide all the appropriate documentation described below with every .CN domain name application/registration.

a. Required Documentation:

  1. The "Request to register a domain", with the seal of the business OR signature of a representative of the business.
  2. A photocopy of a business license - meaning the official operating/registration document of the business, company or organization.
  3. A photocopy of the applicant's personal ID. Acceptable personal IDs may include copies of a driver's license, passport, or resident card/ID.

b. Verify Accuracy of Documents and Contact Handles:
When filling out the "domain name registration application form" please ensure that the following handles - Admin Contact ID, Technical Contact ID, Payment Contact ID and Registrant Contact ID - are accurate and that the contact information exactly matches the information provided during the online domain application.

c. Immediate Documentation Submission:
The required documentation must either be faxed to HEXONET at +49.6841.6984199 or be sent via email to [email protected] within 4 days of making an online application for a .CN domain name. Failure to submit valid documentation via fax or email will result in the domain(s) being revoked. If any domain is revoked refunds will automatically be processed.

To alleviate the completion of the required documents, HEXONET provides a form-generator which can be accessed at Please note that you first start the registration within the HEXONET system. Afterwards, you will be able to generate the required forms online.

d. Validation of Required Documentation:
CNNIC will review the documents, which can take up to 3 days. CNNIC will be auditing every document submitted.

Please note that online domain registration leaves the domain in a PENDINGCREATE status until the documents listed above are submitted and processed. Once all validation of all documentation is complete, the domain will change status to ACTIVE. If a registration is denied due to document invalidation, the entire application processes must be followed again from the beginning.

Due to some extreme circumstances, CNNIC just sent the following emergent notification to all CNNIC accredited oversea registrars:

The status of all new domain name registration from CNNIC accredited oversea registrars after December 14th 2009, 01:00 UTC will be marked as "in auditing" (PENDINGCREATE in HEXONET system), whether or not they already passed the auditing processing.

Each registrar needs to submit the required documents, including the application form with business seal, photocopy of company business license and personal ID for all new registrations made after December 14th 2009, 01:00 UTC for auditing before December 26th 2009.

If CNNIC does not receive the required documents by 01:00 UTC on December 26th for any new online registration made between December 14th, 01:00 UTC and December 21st, 01:00 UTC and the domain has not passed the audit by 01:00 UTC on Dec 26th, the domain name in question will be deleted.

This drastic change also effects us and any .CN Domains that were registered during that time. In the event that a domain does not get audited successfully it will get deleted with the appropriate refund.