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.CO Backorders - Another TLD for HEXONET's Growing Backorder Portfolio!

Backordering of .CO domains is now available at HEXONET, just in time to take advantage of the first anniversary of .CO deletions!  The backordering service includes .CO domains as well as com.CO, net.CO, and nom.CO.  Now is the time to snap up popular and valuable .CO domains that are set to expire. .CO is the ideal alternative to .COM and is also the official ccTLD of Colombia.

.CO (incl. com.co, net.co and nom.co) - Backorder Pricing:

* The GROSS price includes Germany's 19% VAT; many resellers pay the lower NET price without VAT.

.CO backorders can be placed at HEXONET immediately.  The list of expiring .CO Domains will be made available as soon as they become available from the registry.


HEXONET Newly Accredited for .CO Domain Registrations

One of the first of a select few companies to gain accreditation by the rapidly expanding .CO domain registry

Vancouver, CANADA – July 14, 2011 – HEXONET (www.hexonet.net) is ecstatic to announce today that through its subsidiary, 1API GmbH, the company has been selected as one of the new exclusive registrars for the .CO domain registry. In fact, HEXONET is one of the first to be chosen and also one of the first of the new registrars to be officially accredited. This accreditation will serve to meet the growing demand for .CO domain registrations from HEXONET’s thousands of domain resellers.

Robert Birkner, Chief Strategy Officer for HEXONET, expressed his enthusiasm over the accreditation by saying, “In just over a year, the .CO registry has shaken the domain industry to its core and has now become one of the most successful global TLD launches in history. Our own resellers and customers confirm the exploding demand for .CO domains and this is why we desired our own direct accreditation with the .CO registry. HEXONET is happy to be working with the remarkable and visionary .CO team and we look forward to contributing to the overall growth of .CO through our global reseller network.”

Both companies are known for building strong relationships throughout the domain industry, so a .CO accreditation is a natural fit for both organizations. According to Crystal Peterson, Director of Channel Marketing of .CO Internet SAS, “HEXONET has proven itself to be a fast growing, nimble company with an expansive global reach. We are pleased to accredit this experienced and established registrar, and its broad, diverse network of global resellers.”

We are very excited to have obtained the accreditation from COInternet as they have over 1,000,000 reasons (Domains) to validate their success over the past year.  HEXONET along with our resellers are anxious to contribute to growing the overall base of .CO.

Over the next months we will be working very closely with the registry to launch special pricing promotions to the benefit of all. In the event you are interested in transferring your .CO Domains from a different registrar to us, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team at [email protected] and allow us to make you an offer.