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The .CO "Go-Live" countdown has begun! All Landrush domains have been submitted to the registry and any new Landrush applications can be submitted for registration until July 13, 2010.  Now is the time to pre-register .CO domains for "Go-Live":

Dates, Pricing and Information:

          o Reseller: 33.32 (net price: 28.00) USD per Domain/Year
          o Premium: 31.54 (net price: 26.50) USD per Domain/Year
          o Platinum: 29.51 (net price: 24.80) USD per Domain/Year

          o Anyone in the world is able to register
          o No domicile or burdensome documentation

To read more on .CO pre-registrations, please visit our Pre-registration page.  Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Support at [email protected].